Save Our Soils

‘The nation that destroys its soils destroys itself' – Theodore Roosevelt, 1907

Think global, act local by recycling your food and garden organics. 

Eenee Designs started  a household and business food and green organic waste (resource) collection service in the greater Hobart area in 2010 to help divert this resource from our local landfill sites.  In 2016 the Hobart service was transfered to Veolia to continue to grow and provide the dedicated collection service in the greater Hobart area.  Please click on the right hand map of Hobart for contact details.

The organic waste is collected and commercially composted to produce a high quality compost for use in agriculture and potting mixes which are available for sale.  This provides the ultimate in sustainability by returning this valuable resource back to our soils to grow the fruit and vegetables we all need.  This service helps to make your sustainable lifestyle easy and convenient.

What is organic recycling?

  • Organic recycling is the collection and processing of food and green garden organics into premium quality compost material.

Why recycle your organic wastes?

  • Garden and food organics form around 30% of the overall waste stream  in Australia, as well as being the most harmful to the environment if dumped in landfill. 
  • Around 90% of greenhouse gas emissions from landfills are a result of decomposing organic material which could be diverted.
  • Organically-active material buried in landfill causes over 3% of Australian's total greenhouse gas emissions annually by producing methane; a gas 21 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide.
  • Using compost on land reduces the need to water by an average of 30% and can reduce water run-off by more than 70%.
  • Quality compost acts as a soil conditioner, returning essential nutrients and organic matter to the soil.