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Ask your Council if you can down size your regular waste bin to save e.g. in the Glenorchy City Council area you can reduce your 240L garbage bin to a 120L bin and save over $$$ per year.

The life of our local landfill at McRobies tip is rapidly coming to an end. Once this has been filled in few years, our waste will be trucked to a new landfill site. It will be a cost to rate payers of millions to close McRobies and set up the transfer station. By diverting our organics from landfill sites, we can prolong the life of our landfills at the same time as converting our organics into a useful soil conditioner.

All commercial composters require uncontaminated feedstock in order to maintain their high quality composts. It is very important to only send organic waste with no plastic or glass contaminants.

Your organics that are collect are being hot commercially composted locally at the HCC McRobies compost facility in South Hobart.  You can purchase the finished compost from the Hobart City Counicl's McRobies site.

Help close the recycling loop and support this Tasmanian made product.